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Our dynamic and experienced field force of almost 180 members, ensure delivery of the highest order to support our clients in achieving their targets. Our team members are committed to delivering the best services to our clients, ensuring that the targets set by the clients are met and information is shared with the client on a regular basis, as per the client’s requirement.


Our team of experienced and professional marketers help and support our clients with all their marketing needs. We also have the support of our sister concern Digital Marketing Agency to manage & fulfill all their digital marketing needs as well.



Our contracted fleet of more than 50 delivery vehicles and our extensive distributor network ensures our reach is extended to around 15,000 outlets in more than 60 towns and villages across Pakistan. Our network is present in all major cities and towns providing a comprehensive distribution foot print all over Pakistan.

Warehousing & Logistics

With our distribution network spread across key locations in Pakistan, we offer our clients the best possible solutions for their Warehousing and Logistics needs. Based on our network warehouse locations and up to date facilities, we offer our clients with the strategic advantage in warehousing of their products so that they can be distributed to the farthest areas in Pakistan.



Apart from our extensive network in Pakistan, we have also established trading Export business in the UAE and Malaysia.

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